TYC 2024 Classes & Breakouts

Student Leader Master Classes

An Easy Way to Change Hearts and Minds on Your Campus – Learn what your rights are on public school campuses and how you can express your faith in normal, everyday ways.
Presented by Marty Cutrone

Changing Your Campus For Christ – In this seminar, you will learn how you have the opportunity to make a difference where you are right now–on your school campus.
Presented by Michael Guttierez

Faith in Sports: Jesus, The Game Changer – Come be encouraged, hear how athletes are carrying the gospel to shine Jesus in the sports world.
Presented by Kiano Misa

Fearless Friends: How to help even when you don’t know what to do – This class will give you a new perspective and tools on how to make a positive difference in a hurting friend’s life.
Presented by Steve Cohen

Fighting Loneliness in a Crowded Room – This seminar discovers how Jesus invites us out of loneliness and how to be a part of rescuing others.
Presented by Mitch Janzen

FORMED: The History of Mankind in 1 Word and 5 Prefixes – Come to this class and discover the truth about Creation that sets us free to walk in the power, protection and purpose for which we were created.
Presented by Monty Sharp

Friendships, Fakeships and the Kingdom of God – A discussion and practical biblical tips on how to engage in various types of friendships and when to know a friendship has run its course.
Presented by Matu Taylor

How to Proclaim Christ and Reach Your School – This seminar will include practical tools in witnessing and will benefit any student for their everyday witness. Presented by
Doug Goulding and Rich Hung

God & Me – In this session, you will learn how to reply to the questions our friends are asking with solid answers and basic apologetics!
Presented by Ralph Giordano

In the World But Not OF the World – In this class we want you to join with us in the conversation about what being a Christian truly is.
Presented by Savannah Wilkinson and Jaclyn Morales

People worry, God knows – In this class we will learn how to let go of worry and give it to God.
Presented by Eric Lemus

PUNCH STRESS IN THE THROAT: Fighting Back when Anxiety Hits Hard! – Find out what the Bible has to say about anxiety and fear and get some powerful tips and strategies for eliminating anxiety.
Presented by Jeremiah Vik

Repurposed for Something Greater – Learn how to let your faith thrive from God’s ability to reproduce, reimagine and repurpose the darkness from your life.
Presented by Michael Johnson

Reset, Renew, Rewire: How to get back to Jesus – In this class you will learn how to get back to Jesus when we need a reset from the distractions of life.
Presented by Kalindi Chow

Speak God, I’m Listening – How do we stop and hear the voice of God amid the deafening roar of the world around us?
Presented by Bob Clarke

The Important Conversations – In this seminar we will discuss how we pray, why we pray, and what we do when the prayer ends.
Presented by Ian Hauser

The Most Dangerous Game(s) – Find out more about the games of the world including sex, alcohol and drugs and how God has already provided ways to help you and others escape the dangers they contain.
Presented by Ron Archer

TikTok Jesus – In this class,, we will take a deeper look at popular ideas about God and Church often talked about on TikTok and learn how to discern Truth from opinion. Presented by Leena Jones

Creation Vs. Evolution: Science Glorifies God! – In this class learn about how Creation is the truth and how science actually glorifies God.
Presented by Bill Morgan

Faith Beyond the Frame: Mastering Entertainment for God’s Glory – Join us as we explore how to navigate the entertainment industry with unwavering faith.
Presented by Isaiah Williamson

The Revolutionary Life: The Call to Supernatural Counter Culture Student Leadership – Do you sense the Lord calling you to holy living or stirring a call to ministry within you? I invite you to join me in this session: God is inviting you to the revolutionary life!
Presented by Apryl Ortiz

Educator Master Classes

Addressing Controversial Topics With Conviction And Compassion – As a teacher, learning how to balance convictions with compassion in discussing controversial topics can lead to constructive dialogue and personal growth for students. 

Presented by Dennis Eastman

How to Create a Faith – Welcoming Classroom – Learn easy ways you and your colleagues can encourage students to express their faith in your classroom in lawful and appropriate ways. 

Presented by Eric Buhrer

Teaching a Biblical Worldview by Using CA Academic Standards – Discover how California’s state academic standards intersect with a Biblical worldview and how you can make the connection in your teaching. 

Presented by Eric Buhrer

Youth Worker Master Classes

Connect, Carry & Collaborate – Let’s talk about networking as a means for community, ministry and helping with the burdens of life. 
Presented by Kimy Brennan and Sean Fenner

Reaching a Generation – In this session we will discuss practical principles and evangelistic strategies that engage teenagers with the Gospel message and look at ways we can reimagine how we connect students to Jesus.
Presented by Hung Thach

Revolutionizing Youth Ministry: Building a Justice-Driven Advocate Army – Join us for a dynamic seminar on youth advocacy, challenging conventional youth ministry approaches.
Presented by Gilbert Acevedo and Hillary Gaines

Supporting Teens and Families in the mental health crisis – Come meet with 4 Christian Therapists from CIFT (Center for Individual and Family Therapy) for a facilitated dialogue about mental health issues spiking in our culture. Presented by Mike Brimmage and the CIFT panel

Visionaries – How to have a clear, Christ-centered vision for your ministry as well as equipping leaders to help students establish God’s vision for their lives.
Presented by Jose Rodriguez


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