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A one-day training event for student leaders and the adults who disciple & mentor them.
Join the TYC movement and experience a day that will prepare you for the transformation Christ wants to fulfill on your campus, in His church, and your community.
***Registration will be open on May 15

Friends & Family Rate:

May 15 to July 31                             $15

Early Bird Rate: 

August 1 to November 14                $20 

Regular Rate:

Nov. 15 to midnight on Jan. 10         $25

Late/At The Door Rate: 

January 11 to 14                               $30

Turn Your Campus is a one-day, transformational training event for students and youth workers. You’ll be inspired and equipped to impact your community for Christ.

In the past 25 years, Turn your Campus has trained nearly 26,000 young leaders from schools all over Southern California. Students have learned how to share Jesus with their friends. Youth Workers have been coached in mentoring their students and leading stronger lives for Jesus Christ. Educators have received invaluable help in navigating the public school environment in a sensitive & Christ-honoring way.

Speakers & Artists


DJ Icy Ice

Nahoa Life

Nahoa Life

Union Creative

Union Creative

Sean Anthony Fenner

Sean Fenner



Gaberial Zamora-2

Gaberial Zamora

vanessa cruz

Vanessa Cruz


Amy Ayala

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Ty Scott King


Tracks, Topics & Guests

Youth Worker Track

Lloyd Gilbert | Entering Into Sabbath Rest
Why God gave this command and how Sabbath can transform us so we don’t burnout in ministry.

Gilbert “gilrilla” Acevedo + Susie Gamez + Efrem Smith + Paige Lopez
Leader Lounge Discussion | Generational Leadership, “Balance”, Staying Hungry for Vision, Health & Healing, and Being a Disciple that Makes Disciples.

Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez, is a full time urban missionary and currently serves as the Student Ministries Director at his church, Kingdom Culture Worship Centre in San Bernardino, CA. With a Bachelors Degree in Youth Ministry from Oral Roberts University and a testimony of God rescuing him out of gangs, drugs, and poverty; Jose has both life experience and an education to help him empower others.

Luma Haddad
Luma Haddad has been the Young Life Urban Area Director for the last 19 years and is Mutli Ethnic Southwest Divisional Coordinator. Luma works directly with teenagers and teen moms in Junior High and High Schools. She is a San Francisco native, lived in Amman, Jordan, graduated from PLNU in San Diego in Broadcast Journalism, and is married with two kids.

Tommy Nixon
Tommy Nixon is a Founder and Executive Director of Solidarity, a nonprofit organization that empowers the Church to live out the gospel in their local communities. Tommy and his wife, Rachael, moved into the Garnet neighborhood in Fullerton. Through gang members, pregnant teens, and broken families Tommy and his wife began to experience the Kingdom in profound ways. Tommy and his wife have four amazing daughters.

Deep Dive Seminars

Bill Morgan | Creation vs. Evolution and Witnessing Tips.
Bill is a mechanical engineer for the Navy, and has helped design Nuclear Submarines, Battleships and many other ships. He has debated 17 atheists and evolutionists and has been teaching Creation lessons for 20 years. Learn more on his website:

Donna Martin | Discovering the Real You!
How to find identity in Christ and find the courage to be authentically the person God created you to be.

Student Track

Byron & Natalie Apen-Bock | “No Way Home: Can You Break Generational Chains?”
Just like Spider-Man, it’s not a coincidence that you’re struggling with your past. Maybe for you it’s trauma, toxicity, porn, mental health, and just about anything. Did you know that your ancestors struggled with it too? In this workshop Byron and Natalie will teach you how to break generational chains that the enemy is holding you so that you can live your best life.

José Canales | How to avoid toxic relationship.
Everyones been or seen a toxic relationship whether its with a parent, friend, bf/gf. Im going to teach you how to avoid toxic relationships.  

Nohan Cruz | “Don’t Call It a Comeback”
Got your attention! Join me to discuss how God has a specific purpose for you to fulfill. Each of us have a unique calling and it’s time to let the world know. Let’s Go!

Kalindi Chow | Saying Yes
what if saying yes despite the millions of emotions/thoughts racing through launches us to the greatest adventure, what if saying yes gives us one of the greatest experiences in fully living, what if saying yes aligns you towards your purpose? Saying yes to things with Jesus leads us to fully live, overcome, and be strengthen while navigating life.

Eric Lemus | Knowing Your Purpose, Finding Your Plan
People of all ages are searching for their purpose in life, in a world filled with more information than wisdom its easy to get lost and distracted and lose touch of god’s plan for your life. I will show you how to cut distractions and focus on why you were created.

Levi Ferguson | Finding Purpose in your Pain.
Finding purpose in your pain-story. Living under the grace of God and using you story to change the world.

Natali Banuelos | My story for Gods glory.
How our personal story and testimony highlights the glory of God and His grace in our lives. Learn how you can impact others and share the Gospel just by sharing your story.

Kimmy Brennan | It’s Not Giving
Ever feel like your relationship with God is kind of struggling? It’s hard when you don’t feel like you can understand God or know if He’s ever been talking to you. Sometimes it’s just not giving. Come hang out in our session & hear from God, TODAY! You’ll learn about what God’s voice is like & what it’s not.

Monty Sharp | Transforming Power
There is the one thing that will change everything in your life. The bible commands it. Science proves it. It regenerates the broken heart, lifts the depressed, lifts the depressed, renews joy, fruitfulness, hope and so much more.

Connor DelaVega | Students Reaching Students
Looking for simple ways to share the Good News?! Come and hear from students how they are engaging the lost people on their campuses and beyond. You will also be trained by these same students in simple ways to share the greatest news ever told!

Matu Taylor | Recharge
Life is challenging and everyone needs to recharge on a regular basis. Stay strong in the game of life and don’t let your battery get to 4% cause then you are looking for a charger. This workshop will teach you how to know when to take a break, how to take the kind of breaks that keep you fueled for your future and shining bright too. These practical tips will help you thrive in every area of your life. We gotta a lot of Kingdom work to do so let’s stay ready, so we don’t have to get ready. #spirtualgoals


April Reutter and Dr. Jason Wilson | Teaching In The Spirit
Does the Holy Spirit have an interest in your teaching? Would the Holy Spirit lead your classroom if allowed? Are their heart postures and methods that increase our awareness of His direction? Come be challenged to let the Spirit have His way in your teaching, and experience the fruit that results.

David Schmus | Legal Challenges for Christian Public School Educators
Can public school educators speak freely about issues like gender, sexuality, and race? Will we be required to get vaccines to remain employed? How can we legally share our faith at school? Join us as CEAI Executive Director David Schmus provides guidance on these issues and responds to your questions.


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