October 19, 2024
Training event for student leadership teams

Light & Life Christian Fellowship

Friends & Family: $12 Opens July 1 (July 1 to August 31)
Early Bird Rate: $15From September 1 to September 30
General Rate: $17From October 1 to (midnight) October 15
At The Door Rate: $20From October 16  to October 18 & at door

When you register at the event itself, you will choose the track most appropriate for your team. If you wish to divide your student leadership teams between multiple tracks, please have an “adult coach” with each team.


Choose a Ministry Track

When you register, you will choose the track most appropriate for your team. If you wish to divide your student leadership teams between multiple tracks, please have an “adult coach” with each team.

More About Ignite Teams

Ignite is not your typical training event. Our goal is not to send you out with a to-do list of 50 things to improve your ministry. Our goal is to bring you and your friends face-to-face with your Father in heaven and to encounter His life-changing love together, together, as a team—the kind of love that inspires you to run out and share it with your peers.

Our goal for each student and adult that attends include:
1. Everyone committing to make one change in their personal life in order to follow Jesus more closely
2. Each team to come up with a practical & workable ministry plan for their team to put into action when they go home.
3. Each person learning both how to get support from their teammates as well as give support to their teammates in each of the goals stated above.

You will stay in your teams all day. You will experience Jesus and community together through various experiences and exercises. You will look at the life of Jesus and spend time with Him together. You will be in Scripture. You will pray together. You will answer questions together. You will have fun. You will get to know each other better. You will be real with each other. You will come face-to-face with your need for Christ. You will come to a better understanding of His incredible love for you. You will sing worship songs. You will come to understand the importance of community and the importance of loving your friends.

And youth workers, you are no exception; you will be doing all of this right along with your students! Get excited

At Igniteams we view adults as the coach, encourager, supporter, cheerleader, mentor, and prayer partners of the students who attend from your church or school ministry team.

We want to help equip and empower students with the confidence in their relationship with God and the gifts and tools He has given them to reach this generation of their friends and fellow students in their schools and communities.

In light of that, it’s ESSENTIAL that as adults we listen more than we talk. Let students struggle and help them ask the hard questions of God, the Scriptures, and each other.

If God is going to bear fruit in these young lives then it is vital that THEY form a vibrant abiding connection with Him in Jesus Christ. As adults, we want you to listen, pray, ask questions, support, and encourage these students to hear God, dream big, and love their neighbors in ways that God would never do through us, the adults.

Practically Speaking:
You will be in your teams for about three and a half hours of the day for “team interaction” time. During this time, you play the role of discussion facilitator in a classroom in/outside of or around their “home room.” Help them explore the content as you sense the Lord leading you in the context of their school and/or community.

If you have other questions, please use the Contact tab and we will get back to you ASAP.

Team training means that Ignite is geared toward teams of students. So, come with friends from your youth group, friends from school, etc. Whether you’re a structured leadership “team” or just a group of people who want to help each other love Jesus and love others, you should be at Ignite! You will spend the whole day in your teams, working with each other, talking with each other and growing closer together. We want this event to communicate that God designed us to be in Christ-centered community. We cannot fully be effective in loving Jesus and loving others without each other!


Let’s begin with what campus evangelism is NOT. Campus evangelism is NOT standing in the quad shouting that other students are all sinners going to hell. It is NOT putting booklets in lockers that explain the four points of salvation. I could go on…but let’s move on to what campus evangelism IS.

Campus evangelism IS pursuing Jesus and actively loving others in your everyday community. This means that wherever you are and in whatever you do, you aim to love Jesus with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. This means building friendships with your peers, loving them in tangible ways, serving them, asking them about themselves, listening to their stories, etc. When you are a true friend to someone, you show them Jesus. It’s natural. It’s real. It’s not one-size-fits-all and it can’t be summed up in four points. It’s about doing life with people…and we’ll tell you more about it!


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