Social Media: How to use it well for ministry

2021 Turn Your Campus Seminars > Youth Worker Track

This seminar will help advise leaders on how to best use social media to support youth ministry and outreach. Social media is a unique communication outlet that is constantly evolving, but this new generation of youth students know it well. You will be given guidance for both the bigger picture and practical things needed to manage successful social media accounts.

Speaker: Brandon Chai

Brandon is a 25 year-old Korean-American born and raised in Torrance, CA. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Biola University, and now works at Biola as a social media specialist in the Office of University Communications. Prior to working at Biola, he worked in social media primarily in the entertainment industry for clients like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Aside from work, Brandon is also a music artist and photographer with a passion for sharing the gospel.


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