WTF? (Where’s the Faith?)

2021 Turn Your Campus Seminars > Student Track

How many times have you had a situation that left you asking “why”? Maybe it was just a moment, maybe a month of struggles, maybe your entire 2020 just left you asking why? In this short talk we’re looking at how we can stop putting our faith in our circumstances and instead put our faith in the God who holds our circumstances.

Speaker: Brock Johnson

I work at Southwest church in Indian Wells California, just down the street from the legendary Polo Grounds where Coachella is held! I work as the student director at Southwest Church and have an affinity for music…specifically hip hop. On most days you can find me working, hanging out with my girl friend, or arguing with someone about why Jesus is so obviously a Raiders fan…but come on people we all know this is true. The hype didn’t last long


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